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Quotes are from the A Song of Fire and Ice books and the HBO's TV series' Game of Thrones.
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She wore a garland of pale blue roses, and her eyes wept blood.

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Favorite ASOIAF characters » Rickon Stark

“Shaggy,” a small voice called. When Bran looked up, his little brother was standing in the mouth of Father’s tomb. With one final snap at Summer’s face, Shaggydog broke off and bounded to Rickon’s side. “You let my father be,” Rickon warned Luwin. “You let him be.”

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“We’re here,” she shouted. Her voice sounded thin and scared, a little girl’s voice. “Robb’s just in the castle, and my mother.”

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She could still hear Sansa screaming. Ser Ilyn drew a two-handed greatsword from the scabbard on his back. As he lifted the blade above his head, sunlight seemed to ripple and dance down the dark metal, glinting off an edge sharper than any razor. Ice, she thought, he has Ice! Her tears streamed down her face, blinding her. (…) Dimly, as if from far away, she heard a… a noise… a soft sighing sound, as if a million people had let out their breath at once.

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They are childrenSansa thought. They are silly little girls, even Elinor. They’ve never seen a battle, they’ve never seen a man die, they know nothing. Their dreams were full of songs and stories, the way hers had been before Joffrey cut her father’s head off.”

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  1. Robb - A Storm of Swords
  2. Jon - A Feast for Crows  

the pack survives.

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House Stark   Children

That is not my name”

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